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Last Thursday, Jeff Miller and I drove 6 hours to visit our friend Adam Johnson at Milligan College located in eastern Tennessee.  While there we met some very interesting people and for the most part just hung out.

   Ah yes, dorm life.  This is Adam and Jeremy's room where we stayed.  On the left you can see where Jeremy would have slept if he didn't go home to work for the weekend.  On the right is Adam's mess, note the structurally unsound bed (better fix that Adam).  That bald guy on the couch is Jeff.  Jeff decided to shave his head the night before we left.

  All right, so a bunch of us were sitting around in Adam's room when someone came up with the idea to draw the globe on Jeff's noggin.  Using dry erase markers Adam very diligently sketched the the continents on jeff head then colored them.  I often wonder how bad the marker damaged Jeff brain.

   One of the first things that we did on friday was visit the childrens hands on museum in downtown Johnson City.  Although we thaught the 7 dolor admintance fee was a little steep, it proved well worth it.  We spent around 3 hours going through all the neat exibits and playing with all sorts of cool gagets.  My favorate was the giant bubble table.  A special thanks goes out to the young lady from E.T.S.U. that showed us around.

  The people at this table may very well be the coolest people this campus has to offer.  If I wasn't sleeping or hiking, I were with these people.  This picture was taken in the cafateria, wich seems to be "The" spot on campus.  One thing is for sure, Jeff and I ate well on our trip.  I personaly spent around 60 dolors on food for 2½ days.